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Why kill animals when you don't need to? Dalpaca gives you a fuzzy, furry playground that is completely guilt-free! Everything from scarves, boas, hats, blankets, pillows, key chains, coats, vests, cuffs, and so much more.

We only work with the fur that is available at the time - only what nature gives us naturally. Want a particular color? Put your name on our waiting list for that special blend and when nature delivers - we will too.

Our alpacas are not bread for their fur like other animals. They roam free with their friends and family and let nature make it's own combinations.

Alpacas do not create lanolin so are naturally hypoallergenic. The fur is not treated with chemicals during the tanning process. Only our fashion colors are treated with dyes. Your Dalpaca will always remain as natural as possible.

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We offer a wide range of no-kill alpaca products in many textures, colors, and various qualities. All handmade in Peru and USA and NEVER killing any animals.

Fluffy furry fun

Dalpaca is an alpaca fur company bringing you top quality products from the mountains of Peru.  But there is a unique twist - no animals are killed.  How can that be?  Well, let us introduce ourselves....

Dalpaca was founded by Darrin Davis who first visited Peru for spiritual and healing reasons.  What he found there was so life-changing he returned again and again.  
He stumbled onto a philosophy where fur was only used from animals that die of natural causes.  The animals are too valuable for their wool to kill.  No cages and no killing, finally guilt free fur!

Darrin’s “no fur whatsoever” attitude was changed and Dalpaca was born.

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